Legal Strategies for Success and Succession

Yardley Esq. creates legal strategies on a human scale. Our services include business organizational advice and documents, advice on and documentation for transactions, brand protection, copyright licensing, and succession plans. We also draft estate plans--including wills, trusts and powers of attorney—and assist clients with the increasingly complex issues facing elders and their families.


“I value the time I spent in courts and in front of arbitrators, because it meant witnessing nearly two decades’ worth of conflict and resolution. Every single conflict was different. Many could have been avoided by clearly-written documents.”

Carrie Green, Founder Boston University School of Law, JD 1983
Wesleyan University, BA with Honors 1979

Every engagement at Yardley Esq. begins with your unique story and goal. Your story has characters and a plot--and they are deeply important, as these characters and plot are what bring you into the present. The goal provides you with direction for the future. The characters and plot inform how you will get there.

We begin by getting to know you, listening to your story, understanding your individual needs and goals. We help you anticipate the risks you may encounter on the way to your goals, and provide you with a legal plan to address the risks. Next, we help you implement your plan through documents that put you in the best possible position in the event of a dispute, if not in avoiding the dispute in the first place. If a dispute arises, we guide you through its resolution.

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